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MGSV More Lost Notes

Greetings friends, sorry I haven't been writing here in awhile. But I thought I'd share a few notes about MGSV. And how something small, evolved.

MGSV - Silent Hills "The Other Side" the real story

Awhile back, on forums (back in its heyday) several gamers / writers penned "what if" scenarios. Some where vast, dark, and notched around characters of the long running supernatural tale. I thought on how to take it in a different direction. I penned an idea about a squad unit sent in to report about this "shadow world" that only came up in dark whispers.
The darkest part of the tale, is the encounter with the "dark" alternate world. It swallows up everyhing that is dark within the hearts of those dwelling that don't belong.
I didn't give the team a name per se, but their call signs related to earth elements or emotions. "Quiet' was a member of this team, but was not one of the "dark hearted" members that were enveloped by this madness. But at the same time, a parasite from the other side took over the rest, turning them into monstrosities of their former selves. No longer human, but supernatural entities.

The expedition team consisted of monitors "Dr. Clark" and "Code Talker". They were unable to get their team back the way they were sent in. A re-con team assists, but they don't return either, but as puppets wandering without souls. This unit is given the nickname "The Mist Unit" because they were formed within the "other side" of Silent Hill.

I find myself wondering why did I save "Quiet" when I wrote that tale. Something about the character was different. Pure of heart, noble, there for those who have her trust, and willing to do the right thing for a noble cause. How did she resist the outbreak? Hmm I never considered the thought, maybe its her humanity that saved her in the long run. Or its by chance her heart was not in the same place as the others within the team that investigated.

The term "Wolbacchia" referred to as the parasite codename was from an old book I remember reading. It was part of the bible times, during the "tower of babel" where all tongues were once one, until a certain man thought if they could "touch the heavens" it would change mankind for the better. But alas it did, it brought calamity and great change. As we were once one, we were no more. Split apart from our distant relatives, seeking asylum within our own background, but never feeling whole.

It does exist in our history, as we face the same thing every day. No matter our differences there are always issues because of something minor that breaks us down.

With that said, the cause and effect are also nightmarish. Given a certain language that can engulf an entire land or base. The consequences would be dire, in a sense bringing something back thought long dead for many generations. In that sense, the "dark world" from Silent Hill has spread across the world. And the only cure is to find the carriers of the disease.

I wrote in several storyline beats that Quiet would be a compass to find those "afflicted". Herein the scene that unfolds when various members within Diamond Dogs become carriers under the teams eyes. It is because of an infected tongue that causes the outbreak (thanks in part to Skull Face's project to unlock the human condition of language as a weapon) *the weapon to surpass Metal Gear, so to speak (not Eli btw).

End part I of II

Part II of II

"Truth and Consequences"
Code Talker as many know as of now is a very old man. Seen and experienced many things. However his involvement with this said "parasite" goes farther back. "The End" was another character inflicted with this parasite, however his symptoms kept him alive for a millenia, in turn it did the same for Code Talker. The passing of its cultures and dna can be copied and given to another, but under different circumstances it prevents the new host from transforming.

So the question is left open - Did Code Talker's DNA encode the parasite passed onto Quiet?
As it is hinted at that it enveloped her DNA, able to self-heal, adapt to sound, light, and all types of atmosphere. Literally making her a part of the earth. Weakness? To be defined. However water, she can not be submerged (so it is believed) but her body absorbs nourishing enzymes from various elements her body comes into contact with. To be honest, Quiet is "Mother Earth" in human form, an existence that cannot be darkened, but delivers light wherever it may go.

I wrote various notes in my concept with the "Silent Hill" dark world tie-in. But it also gained a life of its own through Quiet. I intended to adapt so much of the opposite through her abilities. Not a being of dark, but light, establishing a new entity that would forge a path with another equal to her powers.

"Enemy of my Enemy, is My Friend" Awakening's true title
In the opening scene fans are clamored to see a brutal moment where this lady donned in swat gear nearly kills us. Until a moment breaks where something stops her. Is it PTSD? Has she encountered this person before? Why is there so much hatred?

Rewind - Kaz's true identity.
I knew my script containing Kaz as the villain was eschewed somewhere within the exchange. However there are notes of it remaining. If you take notice of Quiet's reactions to either Kaz or Ocelot, she's seen these men before, but in a different lifetime. I built on the concept of Kaz having an eschema dual personality conflict. Where one voice, becomes two fighting within. Due to his demons, Kaz is having a mental breakdown on whom to trust, and where to place all the cards on the table.

(Note: for those who have played Prince of Persia: Two Thrones, you will understand the two voices battling within even more. This is where I teased the idea of Kaz's light / dark side conflicting with one another because of Robin Atkins Downes performance in that series)

We may not see Kaz's turning point at first, but it comes in moments. When it comes to core moments such as:
VS Quiet = Kaz and Ocelot duke it out over what you should, or should not do with the enemy character. If you choose to save her, and not take her life. In a sense Kaz dislikes having an old ally turned against his plans of what he intended to happen. Quiet is your eyes and ears about Kaz, and it does not settle with him well.

Huey = Kaz thinks ahead on catching up on old times, only to find out Huey's project has been active and against his back.

Parasite scenario = Kaz goes silent during the moment, but only erupts when your actions counteract his own within reason

These are just small examples, but I am more sure most MGS fans get the idea. But there is a much more alterered perspective on the "heads or tails" dynamic that resonates with V.

Ciper this, Ciper that
I really am not a fan of that part of the tale. Because it shows how much darker the intentions are within Diamond Dogs agenda. Its a nod to the "King & I" so to speak, a man with power, seeking to rule all, but finds humility when its too late. The other V writers wanted to expand on that dark chapter of Kaz's involvement with the rogue group.

True, it is about revenge, but who is he really pointing the finger towards? Is everyone against him or is it all in his mind? And to make matters worse, the loss of his arm and leg change his perception of everyone around him. A man on a mission that will only end in bloodshed.

Ocelot's tale takes many turns in V. Once in a great while, he and Kaz duel over words. Eventually coming to a standstill. Offering aid to Venom when needed. It is one the rarest times we work alongside this mystery man since Snake Eater. We know some of his tale, but what he's really involved with will turn the tide of Outer Heaven. (see no spoilers)

When i worked Quiet into the story, it does entail that she had history with both Kaz and Ocelot in the past. They crossed each others paths, although on different sides, and sometimes the same one. As she wasn't always with team XOF. At the time she found herself having to trust others, but couldn't because they were never honest with her. Being manipulated to do different things she did not always agree with. Which is why her want to find an equal within Venom, gives her room to breathe.

(neat how that carried into her theme song)

"The Angel and the Devil"
This little facet into the story script becomes a huge part of that draw and connection between the two characters. Although they are from two seperate worlds, maybe its not the case. But they are a reflection of one another.

Who would think a simple concept considered a fanfic would become something more? I really dug deep into working out something special from a dark place. It just humbles me how many parts echo in the same way, no matter the belief or language, there is something to admire about a character like "Quiet" who is not defined by what she looks like, but what is in inside, a beating heart.

Out of all that darkness, something positive can be radiant and carry so much more meaning.

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