Sunday, December 13, 2015

#MGSV Re-Examine Key Scene "Shabani's Necklace"

MSGV Re-Examine
Key Scene "Shabani's Necklace"

*This scene is unlocked once you've passed Mission #30 at any time during a Side Op, this cinema will play through a pivotal moment in-game. And it might even make some rethink their theories about who Quiet really is as a human being.

A) Why is Kaz bitter about? He is a man of will, not liking to be interrupted when things are happening. But why the chemicals? For one, they are being used for something else later. But it requires a large amount of sustainable power, and circulation to keep it at a core temperature. Which is why you hunt down so many elements to sustain this mother base.

On the other side of things, he's never been happy being looked down upon. Some see him as a leader, other's are unsure. His dislike of Quiet and others leaves the team uneasy at times. Even this key scene is unsettling because we don't fully understand the man, until he talks to himself thinking it over "why"

I wasn't sure how to objectify Kaz's conscience at first. Because he rarely has a moment to actually show that he cares about anyone period. Or does he? In this scene alone, he actually shows emotion towards the kids, and Quiet. Just listen to the dialog carefully and you will understand the tone of his voice and why it goes to different levels.

B) What is Ocelot here for really? As a supervisor, aid, and backup if need be. Although Kaz won't admit it, Ocelot is his left hand, and Venom is his right. Acting as a watchful eye, keeping things in control. By this time in the story, Ocelot has already founded enough of a bond with the base, that many hold him in high regard, in fact over Kaz.

C) Quiet
How to simply put.. she cares about this new team that she's become a part of. Although they might not see eye to eye. In a blink of an eye she knows that no one else can get close to that chemical bath beneath the base. However, she feels for the kids, seeing their hearts breakin in front of her.

That's the hidden thing about Quiet, is compassion. Out of all the characters in this group, she is one of the few that has a big heart. Venom only learns at the last minute that she makes a daring move to save an object that those kids hold dear. Once she takes the dive, it feels like the world just ended on everyone's face.

(note: I read some mgsv players are wondering if she's a hallucination.. um really? you have watched cinematics like this right?)

Even the bgm takes a low to high point, as it shifts around the moment she recovers the necklace. It is a rewarded effort, but at the same time she is badly injured. Once helped, they get to sickbay to recover. (and eventually she will rejoin you after a set amount of time)

When writing this sequence, i wanted to make it clear that although there was chaos, a moment of positive energy is held dear. Even for a brief second, a moment of heroism is rewarded, but the pain that can be healed.

It also ties into the theme "the phantom pain" even though we are seperate at times, one thing can bring others together. A moment to refrain from hostility to one another, and look at something positive. Hope. Which is what Quiet is honestly about. And I find that quality about her something heartfelt and worthwhile that everyone should have in their heart as well. A positive to strive for, to have, and to share with others. It is what she is truly all about.

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