Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sonic Generations - 24 hours later

Sonic Generations – 24 Hours after review

Many years ago, I was one of the millions of fans who grew up with a blue hedgehog. Sure all the rage was about Sonic vs the Plumber, who could outdo the other was all the talk back in kindergarten all the way to high school. I never thought it would carry over in my adult life, but it has and that is something worth sharing. But enough about the past, actually that’s what Generations is built off of. Sonic past meets Sonic from the future in a cross-over no one thought possible. (But I will hint this lovely gem was being planned nearly ten years ago, but the team wasn’t 100% sure the hardware could keep up.) After years of waiting, a little dream has finally come true.

Press Start -
Here I am listening to the “Green Hill Zone” theme from the in-game music library. I remember first hearing this tune from the original Sonic game. Here’s the honest truth, everything fans have ever wanted, or loved is within this game. I remember meeting a few friends that actually played a part in this soundtrack, one of them happens to be Jun Senoue, a long time musician who in the past stepped in for another composer. Only to take a chance at actually being at the helm of a game like no other.

One major thing this game contains in a great way is energy, there is no denying that Sonic Team recognized what fans wanted to play, a mixture of old and new ideas. From the get-go, you get to explore Green Hill Zone as Classic Sonic, braving pitfalls, speed traps and a ton of badniks all over a retouched map of the original stage. Then right after, you take control of Modern Sonic flying across the same level, only to take over in a blaze of speed daring the sound barrier. One word = Wow!

*Extra easter egg note: GHZ was the unlockable level in Sonic Adventure 2 once you obtained all A ranks in the stages. What made it unique was the freedom of bopping around GHZ in a different perspective. Flashback to now..

Listen to the Music – One can never forget every harmony they’ve listened to. Once we hear it, its stuck with us forever. Within the Generations music library, or stage are retouched and original tunes from past entries (with various surprises). What’s even more fun, is that once you unlock more tunes in the music library, you can also change the bgm track in the stage you decide to play.

*Bonus goodie! Songs are also collectible once you’ve completed a challenge stage.

D-Pad – Movement within a 2D or 3D world has always been tricky with the Sonic series. But it wasn’t the case with the original series. Ever since we’ve hit the 3D plane, being able to fly across a level was never easy. (Sonic 06 is a perfect example of how not to collide with every obstacle) Here in Generations, Sonic Team has taken the fans battle cry, and accepted what they’ve done wrong. Controls are smooth like butter, with whichever version of Sonic you are playing. There all done.

Where did my rings go? – All of the classic gaming mechanics we know or loathe are also brought back. From the simple jump, homing attack, spin dash, drift, and ring dash. (*Bonus maneuvers are also buyable from the upgrade shop)  And the scariest sound you never wanted to hear.. “drowning”. Yup its back.

Where’s the goodies? – Once you explore every nook and cranny, you can unlock many more items throughout the game. From art, to music, movies, and many more trinkets. Plus you can upgrade either Sonic with new techniques. And a game that started it all.
Challenges are playable once you’ve played through a specific stage. From time attacks, rival fights, and so much more.  Boss fights = a chaos emerald

Sonic Generations is an amazing game. Fans of the past, or present will want this in their gaming library.

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